Aug 18, 2011

Uniload by PinayShopper

I’m always on the lookout for ways to earn extra money to augment the growing needs of my family and to help others as well.  I always knew that selling cell phone loads is a small business with big impact—although I never knew just how BIG that is until I decided to join the bandwagon.
Logo by Load Central

After weeks of debate and research, I finally decided to go and be a Uniload dealer.  Not for the networking purpose of this company, but for the simple reason that I can register unlimited number of retailers under my belt.  You heard me right.  U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D!!!

  • Register as many as I like!
  • Register as many as I can!
  • From the start... until the end!

I don’t have to pay or buy anything every time I have a potential retailer that wants to earn extra by selling loads.

And as long as those retailers are selling loads to their friends, colleagues, or just at home, I will earn a little commission from their sales.

Let’s do the math and see how ‘little’ that commission is.  For example, I have 10 retailers who actively sell Php150.00 worth of load wallet daily.  I’m getting just a conservative 2% sales over-ride (commission) from those sales.

That would be:
(Php150 x 10) x 2% = Php30 daily

I won’t tell you the exact figures I’m getting right now.  But you can get the picture from above.  The retailers are actually earning more than that since they can get as much as 23% discounts on load sales.  And since cell phone loads have expiry dates or simply consumable, you will start to get loyal customers who will buy from you at least 3x a week.
Uniload by PinayShopper

Do you want to be a Uniload dealer like me? Register with PinayShopper. The Php3988.00 investment that you’ll get will be worth it.

Aug 16, 2011

BDO Cash Card

Providing different means to pay is one convenience that online sellers should consider offering to their clients. Another is ensuring that those payment options don’t add up to the total amount the buyer would pay. However, to date only BPI offers the convenience of having 0 inter-branch fees; the rest are charging a minimum of Php50.00 for every Php10,000.00 deposit. One flow with BPI is that they don’t have the longer banking hours being offered by BDO. So what should you do?
BDO Cash Card
Why not try and open a BDO Cash card. For only Php120.00 you’d be able to offer payment options via BDO to your clients without the hassle of inter-branch bank fees!
Photo from BDO
BDO cash card is a re-loadable prepaid electronic debit card. Without having to open a deposit account, you can enjoy the security and convenience of an ATM account – withdraw money and pay even without cash.

How to open?
Simply visit any BDO branch and apply for a cash card. Don’t forget to bring 2pcs valid government ID’s. Private company ID’s and school ID’s are also acceptable as long as they are not expired.
You’ll be asked to pay the Php120.00 card fee.

Banking Convenience?
Just like your deposit account, you can access your account to view your balance, reload, pay bills and more via mobile and internet banking. Just enroll your cash card at

Transaction Fees?
BDO ATM Balance Inquiry and Withdrawal
Withdrawal at BancNet, ExpressNet and MegaLink ATMs
Withdrawal at MasterCard, Cirrus and VIS Plus ATMs
Balance Inquiry at BancNet, ExpressNet and MegaLink ATMs
Balance Inquiry or Rejected Transactions (insufficient funds, wrong PIN, etc) at MasterCard, Cirrus and VISA Plus ATMs
POS Balance Inquiry and Purchase

Know more about BDO Cash Card here.*

PinayShopper is in now way directly connected with BDO. I'm just a regular depositor.

Aug 14, 2011

BPI Express Deposit – Deposit your cash anytime, real-time

I was surprised today at BPI when I went to deposit some cash. Normally, I would find a long line any time of the day waiting to be served by the only 2 tellers that this particular branch employs.

The 1st clue was when there was no line. The 2nd was when a young assistant—probably an OJT—approached me while I’m filling up a deposit slip. Apparently their branch now has the Express Deposit Machine that I could use to deposit money to my account as long as I have my ATM card with me and the money is for that ATM. He was able to persuade me to use the machine after ensuring that the money will be credited to my account real time—and that the machine won’t swallow first-timers like me.
Photo from BPI

After a few push of buttons and carefully placing my cash into the ‘mouth’ of the machine, I was done. The machine gave me the receipt, enumerating the bills that I deposited and the total account balance after deposit. The transaction took less than 3minutes to complete. It’s really great that BPI is now employing this Express Deposit machines; sadly they’re available only at 25 locations as of this writing.

  1. The machine accepts cash in Php100, Php500 and Php1,000 denominations only.
  2. No need for envelops to deposit your cash.
  3. Money deposited is credited to your account instantly.
  4. You can deposit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but all transactions after 10pm will be credited on the next banking day.
  5. The machine will issue you a receipt enumerating the bills that you deposited its total amount and your account balance.
  6. Aside from cash deposits, you can also do balance inquiry, funds transfer, bills payment, prepaid cellphone reloading and express cash reloading on all Express Deposit Machines.
Know more about BPI Express Deposit Machine and where they are here.*

*PinayShopper is in no way directly related to BPI.  I'm just a regular depositor.

    Jul 27, 2011

    PinayShopper is now a PowerSeller

    Yup, that’s right! PinayShopper is now a certified eBay Bronze PowerSeller.  After a year of selling in eBay, I have finally managed to be a PowerSeller.  But what is a PowerSeller, you might ask?

    eBay defines PowerSellers as a community of sellers who are committed to upholding and embracing the core values that are the very foundation of eBay.  They are exemplary members who are held to the highest standards of professionalism, having achieved and maintained a 98% positive feedback rating and excellent customer service as reflected by high detailed seller rating scores.

    Ever since I took online selling as a serious extra source of income I’ve been looking for ways to increase my sales, build up my credibility and show case my work.  Becoming a PowerSeller had become a goal for me since all those I want can be sum up in this tiny icon.

    To my customers
    A very big thank you to all repeat and new customers.  There were mishaps, delays and sometimes unavailability of items; and yet all of you were patient with me.  Ensure that I will continue to serve your orders gladly.

    To ERIM, Xend & LBC
    These are the real partners in growing a business.  You can’t be wrong with support groups such as these.

    To FN members & online sellers
    Fountain of wisdom.  Backread all posts about online selling and running a small business.  Each and everyone’s experience is an eye opener.

    To my suppliers
    Never would have made it without the great staff that you have.

    To you!
    Whether you are a buyer, an experienced seller or a newbie.  Take a leap of faith.  Just make sure you don’t go blinded.  Read all information.  Work hard for your business even if it’s only a extra source of income.
    Read primer about PowerSeller and how to be one here.

    Apr 20, 2011

    Natasha, Makes Your Dreams Come True – Primer 1

    Photo Courtesy of
    Another direct selling company that has been in the business for more than 15years now is Natasha.  Excellent product and marketing scheme is the key success of Natasha.  Personally, I know of a group manager that has been one of Natasha’s top 10 sellers, with a total of 6 centers all over Cavite and Luzon.

    Having a Natasha business center starts by becoming a dealer.  Choose your group wisely.  Having a group manager that really helps their dealer is one key to success in this direct dealership business.  To become a member, simply accomplish the membership form and submit the needed requirements to any Natasha branch or service center near you.

    Membership & Discount
    A member is entitled to 22% outright discount on all shoes and apparel products of Natasha; while a 27% discount can be made on Natasha beauty products.  There are 2 types of membership in Natasha; the Member and the Fashion Pro.

    On every Natasha group there’s a Fashion Pro serving as the group manager, and the members are the down lines. 

    To increase your income and start earning rebates, a member must achieve a P10,000 gross group sale in one calendar month.  The rebates will start on the following month.
    Gross Direct Group Sales
    Percentage of Rebates
    5,000 – 9,999
    10,000 and up

    The P10,000 gross group sales can easily be achieved by recruiting more members on your team.  The number of recruits is unlimited.  And the sales of all your recruits up to the nth level are included on your gross group sale computation provided that the member is not yet earning rebates for themselves.  Once a member achieves the minimum quota, he will receive his own rebates depending on his group’s gross sale; and will no longer be part of your team.

    Members with high gross group sales are rewarded even further in Natasha.  By achieving a gross group sale of P60,000 in 2 calendar months, a member is automatically promoted to Fashion Pro 1, where a different set of rebates is being given.  But for more diligent members who share the Natasha value to more people, a level of Fashion Pro 2 is rewarded given that he achieved a gross group sale of P100,000 in 2 calendar months.

    The promotions are automatic and don’t have to be in sequence.  If a member has achieved the P100,000 gross group sales in 2 calendar months, even if he’s just a member, will automatically be promoted to Fashion Pro 2.
    Gross Group Sales
    Fashion Pro 1
    Fashion Pro 2
    5,000 – 9,999
    10,000 – 14,999
    15,000 – 19,999
    20,000 and up

    This totals to roughly a maximum of 37% in discount.

    Credit Line
    To qualify for a credit line, a member must already have made a net paid up sales of P2,000; and submit proof checking account and proof of billing address.  Credit is payable after 30days and one week, covered by a post-dated check.

    A member’s credit line, increases through his total net paid individual sales, and how healthy his credit line is.  This I will talk more on Natasha Primer Part 2.
    1 x 1 ID picture (with White background)
    Photocopy of government issued ID or company ID
    Proof of billing (at least within the last 3 months)

    Register under PinayShopper
    To become a member of PinayShopper Natasha, simply fill up a form and put the following information on the Sponsor area:

    Sponsor Name:  Jamie Dela Rosa
    Sponsor ID:  1074725

    Happy Selling!

    Apr 15, 2011

    PinayShopper Direct Selling Starter Kit

    Start a business
    If you’ve been meaning to start a part-time business thru direct selling, then you’ve come to the right place.  For just 200pesos, you can start your direct selling business thru the PinayShopper Direct Selling Starter Kit.  These includes (1) Sophie Martin Dealer Kit and (1) Boardwalk Dealer Kit; both with the latest catalog and membership forms that you can fill up and submit to a branch nearest you.

    Normally, if you buy the 2 kits separately you’ll have to shell out 400pesos; 200 for the Sophie kit, 100 for the Boardwalk catalog and 100 for shipping fee.  But with the PinayShopper kit, you only need to pay 200pesos and the kit will be shipped to your address FREE of charge.  That’s a total of 200pesos savings to start a direct selling business.

    Inside the kit:
    (1) Sophie Martin Magenta Bag
    (1) Sophie Martin Membership Form
    (1) Marketing Plan Handbook
    (1) Sophie Door Banner
    (1) Sophie Bonus Leaflet
    (1) Sophie Membership ID
    (1) Latest Sophie Catalog
    (1) Latest Boardwalk Catalog
    (3) Boardwalk Membership Form
    (1) Boardwalk Marketing Leaflet

    What’s more?
    A personal letter from PinayShopper on how you can jump start your direct selling career and the address, contact person and number of the Sophie Martin and Boardwalk branches near you.

    How to buy?
    Contact us here thru the comment form or directly send your message to 09209698559.

    Take advantage of this little treasure and start your business under the PinayShopper wing.  Don’t forget to sign up for our news letter to know more about growing your direct selling or online business.

    Happy Selling!

    Apr 1, 2011

    Year Round FREE Shipping @ PinayShopper

    Because I love all my customers (whether returning or new)!  Every single transaction worth 1500.00 and more is entitled to a FREE shipping service.

    Yes, this is the PinayShopper shopping spree experience.

    Buy as many items you like and when the total amount reaches a minimum of 1500.00, then shipping fee is on me.  The promo is open to all items and all customers wherever you are in the Philippines.

    Grab this opportunity and enjoy your online shopping at PinayShopper!

    Mar 22, 2011

    PinayShopper Corpo Chic – Dress to Impress!

    Dressing up for an interview? New to the corporate world? Looking to expand your business wardrobe without denting too much holes on your paycheck? Whether it’s the 1st or the last reason, dressing your part does increase your potential in the corporate jungle.  So much so that studies have been made pointing to a realization that attractive people may earn more that their lousy counterpart.

    But owning a 3-piece suit or even a simple polo might prove too costly for some.  Buying from tiangge is always an option but might be too embarrassing once you happen to ride the bus or jeep and see somebody wearing exactly the same clothes that you’re wearing.  That’s why PinayShopper is bringing you its Corpo Chic line of clothes.

    Clothes that are of high quality, with different designs to choose from and prices that are just right to the pocket.  Clothes were from the catalogs of Boardwalk, Natasha, MSE, Sundance and Milk & Co; already pre-chosen with only the most stylish corpo chic in mind.  Sizes are varied per style so even plus size ladies can choose and buy.

    It’s time that you dress to impress, be attractive and start your path to the career world.

    To see the full line of clothes available, just click here or navigate from the On Sale pane.

    Mar 18, 2011

    Boardwalk (Your Fashion, Our Business) Primer Part 1

    Boardwalk is a direct selling company of imported and locally made products; made popular by the endorsement of big showbiz stars like Kris Aquino, Derek Ramsey, Assunta de Rossi and Jean Garcia.

    Products include intimate wear, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories both for men and women with ages ranging from infant to adult.  Recently they also launched a cologne line made exclusively by Zen Zest.  And of course the BW Loading system that let dealers of Boardwalk sell pre-paid loads of SMART.

    The company offers a 25% basic discount for all dealers and a flexible credit line that a dealer can build up to suit his selling need.  A rebate of up to 21% is also given to members who exceeds their selling limit and shares the wonders of being a Boardwalk member.  This is how earning can be increased; by letting a prospective dealer sign-up at Boardwalk with you as sponsor, all future sales of that dealer will be included on the computation of your net sales.  This is called the direct group sales or DGS.

    There are 4 levels of membership within Boardwalk with perks exclusive to each membership.

    Memberevery dealer starts as a member and is entitled to the basic 25% discount.  However, dealers don’t earn rebates but can recruit another person to become a member under his group.
    JMC (Junior Marketing Consultant)a member is promoted to JMC level once he reaches the target of 10,000 net sales in 1 cut-off period.  Cut-off period is from 6th day of the month up to the 5th day of the next month.  Earning of rebates will start on the next cut-off period.

    GS (Group Supervisor)a member is promoted to GS level once he reaches the target of 50,000 net sales in 2 succeeding cut-off period.  It is not necessary that a member be a JMC first before becoming a GS.  If in only 1 cut-off month, he was able to reach the 50,000 net sales requirements, then automatically he will be a GS on the following month.  GS enjoys higher rebates of up to 18% depending on their group sales.

    GM (Group Manager) – this is the last level of Boardwalk membership.  GM enjoys up to 21% in rebates.  But to become a GM, a member must reach group net sales of 150,000 within 2 succeeding cut-off months.
    The quota might be intimidating for first timers, but since Boardwalk offers a flexible type of credit line becoming a JMC is quite easy.  To avail of the credit line, a member will have to provide a cash bond every time he purchases an item at Boardwalk.  Cash bond determines the amount of credit line a member is allowed, and is the amount of Cash bond x 2.  For example:

    Item A costs 500pesos
    Less 25% = 375
    Cash Bond is 187.5 or (375/2)

    Cash bond is not a payment, but can be withdrawn anytime to use as payment as long as the dealer is willing to pay all remaining balance less the cash bond amount.
    To become a dealer, just bring the following requirements and register to any Boardwalk branch near you.
    Cash bond is not a payment
    • 2pcs 1x1 photo
    • Photocopy of 2 valid IDs
    • Proof of billing or residence certificate or barangay clearance
    • Completely filled-up registration form

    To register under PinayShopper group, just put the following details on the Sponsor area of Boardwalk Form 1.
    Sponsor Name:  Jamie Dela Rosa
    Sponsor ID:  IC049992

    Watch out for more information regarding Boardwalk dealership as I expound more on the rebates gained by each member and how easy it is to reach your JMC level on Part 2 of Boardwalk Direct Selling Primer.

    Happy Selling!

    Mar 17, 2011

    Prevent Others from Hijacking Your Photo – Sign It!

    One downside of posting pictures on the web is that it’s free for all to see and well… copy.  With just a click of the mouse your competitor or worse a scammer can copy the precious photo of your items and claim it for himself.
    A sure way of preventing this is by signing your work.  Have big bold letters plastered across the photo so it would be impossible for others to claim your photos.  But do it in a stylish way.  Photoshop it if you can.  But if you don’t have a Photoshop, then drop by

    It’s an online “Photoshop” editor that could edit your photo as good as any Photoshop can.  Best thing? You don’t even have to sign-up to use the service.  Just make sure your browser is equipped with the latest Flash software and you’re good to go.
    Upload the photo on the site and click the Font icon on the Tools pane.  Write your name, your brand, or even or store’s URL as your signature.  Tweak a bit to your heart’s content.

    On the Layers pane, right click your mouse and choose Flatten image.  This will merge your photo with your signature.  To finish, just save your photo and proceed in uploading it on your store.

    For those who are adept in Photoshop, you can do many styles and clean your photo on this site.
    Signing each photo may be a tedious task, but it would be worth it in the end.  You do not only prevent others from copying the photo, but you also promote your brand and claim the items as truly yours.
    Happy Selling!

    Feb 17, 2011

    How ERIM Saved My Shipment

    2 weeks ago, a customer from Tagbilaran returned a Sophie wallet due to wrong item shipped. It was a case of mistaken identity. The item code was DSM214, and by some reason DSM241 was given to me which I hastily shipped to the customer. The box and contents looked like a wallet, so I left it at that without thoroughly checking the item I was getting.

    February 8, Tuesday

    I drove several kilometers after 6pm to return the item where I got it. Almost missed the store, since they were ready to close when I came. To top it off, it seems that they didn't receive any of my messages regarding the item that I want to exchange. So, I had no choice but to leave the item on the store and wait for Saturday when they said the replacement item will be available.

    February 12, Saturday

    With my 2 exuberant boys, I went to the Sophie store to pick up my replacement wallet and other items that a dealer texted me. There were several other dealers inside the store and we were cramped. The store manager wasn't there and only a friend of her or an assistant was left to see to all the dealers. I had to wait until the other dealers were catered too. I gave my story of the wrong item. She checked it with the store manager to be true. Looks like my luck is finally making a turn. The correct wallet I need is there! Hooray!

    The assistant picked my other items and went on creating a sales invoice; but she has no change for my bill. So, I went back to the car and picked some loose changed here and there. After going back to the store to check out, the assistant remembered to add in the catalog on the invoice. I paid for the item and carried the plastic bag supposedly containing all my items and put it on the trunk of the car.

    February 13, Sunday
    Since I have an 8 – 5 work, I had to ready all my items for ship a night before the shipping. I packed the items on the pouch and written the address on the waybill. When it's time to pack the faithful wallet; lo and behold! The wallet is not on the plastic bag I thought it was on! Frantically, I looked on my other bags and items, but it's not there. What rotten luck! After going all the trouble of getting the wallet, I had the gall to leave it on the store! Or the assistant was distracted enough to forget to add the wallet on the bag! Either way, I was left with a dilemma of having a no item to ship to a customer who's been waiting for almost 3 weeks now!

    The Solution!
    At exactly 10am Monday, I texted ERIM and told that I have an item for pick in Imus and want it delivered to a customer. I also, have an item at home to be delivered to another customer. After a few minutes, the sweet voice of ERIM's assistant phoned me and told me that they will pick up the item in Imus first, and then proceed on picking up my other shipment at home.

    At 2pm the rider was already in our door-step with the wallet from Imus, ready to pick up my 2nd shipment, and bring them both to their final destination!

    ERIM saved my shipment! More power ERIM!!!

    Discount? Free Shipping? or Freebies?

    Selling online is a steep competition. Swaying your customer to click the 'Buy It Now' button or send an order form is a critical moment of just mere second. Giving an incentive to your buyer is one-way of tipping the scale and making online shopping a rewarding experience. So what are the effective ways of enticing your buyer to buy?

    Discount - giving discounts to loyal customers and bulk buyers is one-way of rewarding your customers. Just make sure the discount doesn't eat out the profit margin.

    Free Shipping - this is a big deciding factor for buyers. With the increasing number of online sellers selling almost that same wares, the decision will boil down to the postage cost. Giving out free shipping on high ticket items or bulk purchase can make a first time buy again.

    Freebies - based on buyers I've asked before, freebies is not really a big deal for them; but is very much appreciated when received.  So, to save some of your profit margin, give out freebies to customers truly deserving them.  A loyal customer perhaps? or during missed shipment deadlines, or any mishap that had happened on the deal.  Giving a freebie as a token of amendment shows that you care for the customer.

    To my fellow online sellers and buyers? Which of these tactics do you use or have experienced? Share us your thoughts and leave a freebie knowledge about online selling on the comment section.

    Happy Selling!

    Feb 15, 2011

    Payment Options – The Best Way To Pay

    Keeping the shopping convenience motto high, online sellers should be able to offer several payment options for the customer to choose from. Each option should be (1) convenient; (2) safe; and (3) light on the pocket.

    So what are the payment options available today and how do they rate on the three categories mentioned?

    Acceptance MarkPaypal is by far the most convenient way to pay. With just the click of your fingertips you can bid/buy and check out your items. It is equipped with all the encrypting technology available online since we're talking about money here. Buyer can also file a dispute with Paypal or reverse the entire payment should the transaction prove to be unsatisfactory; for a period of 30days. But is it light on the pocket? This entirely depends on the buyer-seller agreement. Since Paypal is charging the seller a payment fee1 for every transaction, not all sellers are keen on offering Paypal. Others would allow Paypal payments if the buyer agrees to shoulder the charges or even half of it. All in all, Paypal is still a must to offer especially if you're selling high value items.

    Bank Deposit is not high on the convenience chart, but definitely pose a safer way to pay compared to GCash or SMART Money transfer. If the buyer is within the Metro then bank deposit is no problem. Not so true for people living in the province. Also, a seller should be aware if there are inter-branch charges that the bank is collecting during deposit. BDO is an example that collects 50pesos for deposits on personal accounts from different provinces. This may surprise some buyers, so always give prior notice.

    Bank deposit also gives a buyer some sense of security since they know that the person they're transacting with is existing.

    GCash or SMART Money Transfer

    These mobile payment options are both high in convenience and risk. Many online scams are transacted thru mobile payments. A scammer can just buy any SIM card, subscribe for a GCash or SMART Money2 number and be able to transact anonymously. The transaction is non-reversible to be accurate in giving your card number. Globe and SMART also doesn't keep track of all GCash or SMART Money number, so refund is not 100% guarantee.
    Mobile payment method should also be light on the pocket, since depositing to a GCash or SMART Money number is virtually free. Buyers can drop by any BDO branch and fill-up a merchant slip containing the seller's GCash or SMART Money number and pay only the amount to be deposited. This could very well be used as an alternative to BDO bank deposit that might incur inter-branch fee.

    LBC, Cebuana, M Lhuillier or Wester Union

    These payment options are a definite NO-NO, both for buyers and sellers. They are not convenient, and definitely not light on the pocket. Buyers should think twice, or even thrice when these are the only payment option a seller is offering.

    Foot Notes:
    1 Paypal charges 3.4% + 15pesos per transaction when receiving payments
    2  Unclaimed SMART Money number can only transfer up to 1000pesos.  After that, it must be linked to a named SMART Money card before any other transaction can be done.

    Feb 11, 2011

    MYSH My Shopping Heaven

    Store Name: MYSH My Shopping Heaven



    MYSH My Shopping Heaven primarily caters to resellers and wholesale buyers though sometimes i also have few buyers who purchase in retail. My items are all fashionable and yet affordable because we believe that one should not spend more or slash one's budget just to look fab and stylish. All the clothes that I sell are locally made and direct from the manufacturer, hence, the cheap prices. We really make it a point to pass all our products to resellers and business partners at very low prices so that they can earn good income and together we can sustain a long term business partnership.

    Feb 8, 2011

    Flowers by Bliss – Real flowers to express real emotions

    Store Name: Flowers by Bliss

    Flowers by Bliss – real flowers to express real emotions offers beautiful flower arrangements for all occasions. We simply love flowers. We understand how flowers can help bridge the gap between feelings and words. Every flower in each arrangement is personally hand-picked by us to make sure that we only give you the best.

    See our samples or better yet, drop by the store here.

    Photo courtesy of:

    Bonnibelle, Silicone Nipple Cover – Your Bosom Buddy

    In every girls closet there are essentials that transcends the boundary of every fashionista.  Whether she dresses like a rockista, a girl next door, a preppy or a hot babe, there are certain clothing articles that is a must have for everyone.  An example would be your strapless bra.  Every girl should own at least a pair or two of strapless bra.

    But even a strapless bra has its limits.  You can't wear it with backless outfits or plunging dresses.  Going au naturale is not for everyone.  That's why I pick this week's feature product to be the Bonnibelle, silicon nipple cover. 

    By using a silicon nipple cover, you can go braless and definitely tipless. The product is self-adhesive with no harmful chemicals for your nips.  After usage, just return it to its original packaging for safe keeping and to avoid unnecessary dirt going into to adhesive.  You can wash it and the adhesive retains its effectiveness, after the silicone has dried.

    So what are you waiting for? Grab one of this versatile bosom buddy here.

    And by the way, did I mention that a pair is only 100pesos?

    Feb 7, 2011

    Flirtéshoes – Great to be a girl! so cutie… so flirty…

    Store Name: Flirtéshoes Wedges and Loafers


    Owner: Freya Vargas

    Flirtéshoes Wedges and Loafers is a shoe store that sells stylish wedges, loafers and sandals at very affordable price.  New styles and designs are constantly introduced to keep customers wanting more and more.  Shoes are stylish, affordable, comfy to wear and are made of quality raw materials to last.

    Buyers can afford wholesale price at a minimum order quantity of only 3 pairs per transaction. Visit Flirtéshoes store here and feast your eyes on their collection.

    Photo courtesy of:

    Feb 4, 2011

    Shipping your items … and a lot more!

    Even if you haven't sold any item yet, you should start thinking about how to ship your item as soon as you've made up your mind about becoming an online seller. Identifying the courier services available to you and simple things about shipping is just another factor of online selling.

    You can call yourself lucky if you're within the Metro since there are many options that you can choose from. Not so much for those living in the province. So, to help you pick the best courier service, here are the options prevalent today.

    But before that! Let me tell you things that you should know about shipping.

    • You call the shipping form as waybill. Here you will see the details of the shipper, name and address of consignee and tracking number.
    • Most courier companies have pouches & boxes available for their customer to use and put their items on. Know the sizes of these pouches and boxes and determine if your product will fit. Else, you'll have to provide your own packaging.
    • Parcels gets thrown a lot during transport, hence, it is the seller's responsibility to pack the items securely to avoid damages.
    • Photo by:
    • Different Courier Company offers different shipping rates based on the weight, value and area where your item will be shipped.
    • Small courier companies offer FREE pick up. Even if you only have a single small parcel to ship, they will pick it up at your door-step for free. This is very convenient since you don't even have to step out to ship your item.
    • Package weight and volumetric weight are two different things. Package weight is determined by weighing your parcel. Volumetric weight is determined by measuring the size of your item and using the equation below:
      (L x W x H)/3500
      Dimensions should be in cm.
      3500 is used for local deliveries. 
      3000 for deliveries abroad.
    • Both the package weight and volumetric weight will be measured if your parcel is packed using your own packaging. The rate will be based on the value that's higher.
    • Courier companies take any fraction of a kilo as 1 kilo. Better be decisive in packing your items. Remember your minima-maxima lessons in Calculus.
    • You can always under-value your parcel for local shipment, but you can never under-weight them. Even if it's for pick-up, riders bring their own digital weighing scale and tape measure to determine the final weight of your item.
    • Insurance is optional for local shipment. But is a must for international shipments. Fee is determined by the value of the package that you declare.

    Feb 3, 2011

    How to create a Facebook Fan Page?

    Facebook is fast becoming ‘the’ place to sell online.  With over 18 Million Filipino Facebook users as of November 2010, there’s bound to be a buyer for your item somewhere.

    However, using your personal profile as store front is not very wise.  Yes, you’ll get hundreds of invites daily but you’ll also need to approve those invites first before linking your potential buyers to your store.  You'll also be spending a good number of hours tagging each friend on your album so they can atleast notice whatever it is you're selling.  A process that's starting to get really annoying for the person being tagged.  Good thing there’s a Facebook Fan page, where a simple Like can make the big difference.

    Once a person hits the Like button of your fan page, he or she will automatically receive on her wall your page’s update.  No need to tag users and annoy their friends by doing so.

    Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how easily you can create a Fan page in Facebook.
    1. Sign-in to your Facebook account. 
    2. Go to Facebook Fan page (!/pages/create.php). 
    3. Choose the purpose of your Fan page.  Brand or Product is the common type for online sellers.  If you have a physical store, then choose Local Business or Place.
    4. From the Brand or Product, choose the category of your for sale items. Type the store name on the Brand or Product field and tick the agreement box.
    5. Your page will look like below.  Just fill-in the necessary details and you’re done.

    Step number 5 is a widget creator that showcases your Facebook Fan page on other sites that you have. Say, you have a blog or other ad site and would like people from that site to easily see you fan page. Just add the html code of this widget called Facebook Platform and whenever they click the Like button, people will automatically added to your rooster of fans.
    Once your Fan page is complete, the only thing left is adding the Shipping and Payment details, as well as the photos of your items for sale!
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