Aug 14, 2011

BPI Express Deposit – Deposit your cash anytime, real-time

I was surprised today at BPI when I went to deposit some cash. Normally, I would find a long line any time of the day waiting to be served by the only 2 tellers that this particular branch employs.

The 1st clue was when there was no line. The 2nd was when a young assistant—probably an OJT—approached me while I’m filling up a deposit slip. Apparently their branch now has the Express Deposit Machine that I could use to deposit money to my account as long as I have my ATM card with me and the money is for that ATM. He was able to persuade me to use the machine after ensuring that the money will be credited to my account real time—and that the machine won’t swallow first-timers like me.
Photo from BPI

After a few push of buttons and carefully placing my cash into the ‘mouth’ of the machine, I was done. The machine gave me the receipt, enumerating the bills that I deposited and the total account balance after deposit. The transaction took less than 3minutes to complete. It’s really great that BPI is now employing this Express Deposit machines; sadly they’re available only at 25 locations as of this writing.

  1. The machine accepts cash in Php100, Php500 and Php1,000 denominations only.
  2. No need for envelops to deposit your cash.
  3. Money deposited is credited to your account instantly.
  4. You can deposit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but all transactions after 10pm will be credited on the next banking day.
  5. The machine will issue you a receipt enumerating the bills that you deposited its total amount and your account balance.
  6. Aside from cash deposits, you can also do balance inquiry, funds transfer, bills payment, prepaid cellphone reloading and express cash reloading on all Express Deposit Machines.
Know more about BPI Express Deposit Machine and where they are here.*

*PinayShopper is in no way directly related to BPI.  I'm just a regular depositor.


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