Feb 17, 2011

How ERIM Saved My Shipment

2 weeks ago, a customer from Tagbilaran returned a Sophie wallet due to wrong item shipped. It was a case of mistaken identity. The item code was DSM214, and by some reason DSM241 was given to me which I hastily shipped to the customer. The box and contents looked like a wallet, so I left it at that without thoroughly checking the item I was getting.

February 8, Tuesday

I drove several kilometers after 6pm to return the item where I got it. Almost missed the store, since they were ready to close when I came. To top it off, it seems that they didn't receive any of my messages regarding the item that I want to exchange. So, I had no choice but to leave the item on the store and wait for Saturday when they said the replacement item will be available.

February 12, Saturday

With my 2 exuberant boys, I went to the Sophie store to pick up my replacement wallet and other items that a dealer texted me. There were several other dealers inside the store and we were cramped. The store manager wasn't there and only a friend of her or an assistant was left to see to all the dealers. I had to wait until the other dealers were catered too. I gave my story of the wrong item. She checked it with the store manager to be true. Looks like my luck is finally making a turn. The correct wallet I need is there! Hooray!

The assistant picked my other items and went on creating a sales invoice; but she has no change for my bill. So, I went back to the car and picked some loose changed here and there. After going back to the store to check out, the assistant remembered to add in the catalog on the invoice. I paid for the item and carried the plastic bag supposedly containing all my items and put it on the trunk of the car.

February 13, Sunday
Since I have an 8 – 5 work, I had to ready all my items for ship a night before the shipping. I packed the items on the pouch and written the address on the waybill. When it's time to pack the faithful wallet; lo and behold! The wallet is not on the plastic bag I thought it was on! Frantically, I looked on my other bags and items, but it's not there. What rotten luck! After going all the trouble of getting the wallet, I had the gall to leave it on the store! Or the assistant was distracted enough to forget to add the wallet on the bag! Either way, I was left with a dilemma of having a no item to ship to a customer who's been waiting for almost 3 weeks now!

The Solution!
At exactly 10am Monday, I texted ERIM and told that I have an item for pick in Imus and want it delivered to a customer. I also, have an item at home to be delivered to another customer. After a few minutes, the sweet voice of ERIM's assistant phoned me and told me that they will pick up the item in Imus first, and then proceed on picking up my other shipment at home.

At 2pm the rider was already in our door-step with the wallet from Imus, ready to pick up my 2nd shipment, and bring them both to their final destination!

ERIM saved my shipment! More power ERIM!!!


Karla said...

Hi sis! I got your link from girltalk :) You are from Imus din pala. Its great that may new shipping service dito sa Cavite. Dati when we used to sell secondhand books, we used OCS and free pick up din. At least ngayon may alternative na trusted. :)

Chew On This said...

That's good service. Pick up then deliver service. Parang wala kang ka-hassle hassle :) --- following :)

angeLjme said...

@karla, the amazing thing is Sophie branch is in Imus while I live in Rosario! ERIM had to pick up at 2 different locations to serve my request.
@chew on this, yes! They did the hard part of online selling and made business, easier for me. Thanks for the follow!

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