In the land before time... oooppps! that's too far...
In the time of our nanay & tatay (parents), atm and credit cards was the IN thing. But, on our time where identity theft is rampant and buying over the internet is the IN thing, a PayPal account is a must.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

PayPal acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, allowing safe purchases to made over the internet. This is also the preferred way of getting your payments for all your hard earned clicks.

The following steps will help you in creating an account in PayPal, Linking it to your credit card... and most of all, withdrawing the money on your PayPal account to your local Philippine bank.

STEP 1: Creating a PayPal Account

Pre-requisite: Have your email ready.
1. Go to PayPal's website.
2. Clicking Sign Up will direct you to a page where you'll have to input your location.
3. Choose Personal.
4. Fill-in the necessary information. A measure of caution. Ensure that your name, birth date and address are correct.
5. Hit Agree and Create Account.
6. PayPal will send a confirmation email to the address you've provided. Simply click the link or copy it to your browser and voila! Your own PayPal account.

However, that's just part 1. You still need to do Part 2 and hopefully, Part 3.

STEP 2: Verifying your Paypal Account

Pre-requisite: Credit card
1. Log-in to your PayPal account and click the Verify link.
2. Fill in the necessary information about your credit card.
3. Paypal will charge your credit card as part of the verification process. But don't get mad yet. You'll be able to refund this as soon as you enter the 4-digit code that will appear on your statement. You need to wait 5 to 7 days for this, depending on how fast your online statement is updated.
4. Go check your credit card statement. Type the code, and PayPal will reimburse the charge.

STEP 3: Adding a Philippine Bank on Your Paypal Account

Pre-requisite: Lots and lots of dollars sitting in your PayPal account.
1. On your PayPal account, simply go to the Add a bank account in the Philippines.
2. Fill in the necessary information.  I know, there's a bank code. Go here for the complete list of Bank list
3. Once added, you're done. Just go to the Withdraw page and get your millions.


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