Feb 17, 2011

Discount? Free Shipping? or Freebies?

Selling online is a steep competition. Swaying your customer to click the 'Buy It Now' button or send an order form is a critical moment of just mere second. Giving an incentive to your buyer is one-way of tipping the scale and making online shopping a rewarding experience. So what are the effective ways of enticing your buyer to buy?

Discount - giving discounts to loyal customers and bulk buyers is one-way of rewarding your customers. Just make sure the discount doesn't eat out the profit margin.

Free Shipping - this is a big deciding factor for buyers. With the increasing number of online sellers selling almost that same wares, the decision will boil down to the postage cost. Giving out free shipping on high ticket items or bulk purchase can make a first time buy again.

Freebies - based on buyers I've asked before, freebies is not really a big deal for them; but is very much appreciated when received.  So, to save some of your profit margin, give out freebies to customers truly deserving them.  A loyal customer perhaps? or during missed shipment deadlines, or any mishap that had happened on the deal.  Giving a freebie as a token of amendment shows that you care for the customer.

To my fellow online sellers and buyers? Which of these tactics do you use or have experienced? Share us your thoughts and leave a freebie knowledge about online selling on the comment section.

Happy Selling!


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