Mar 22, 2011

PinayShopper Corpo Chic – Dress to Impress!

Dressing up for an interview? New to the corporate world? Looking to expand your business wardrobe without denting too much holes on your paycheck? Whether it’s the 1st or the last reason, dressing your part does increase your potential in the corporate jungle.  So much so that studies have been made pointing to a realization that attractive people may earn more that their lousy counterpart.

But owning a 3-piece suit or even a simple polo might prove too costly for some.  Buying from tiangge is always an option but might be too embarrassing once you happen to ride the bus or jeep and see somebody wearing exactly the same clothes that you’re wearing.  That’s why PinayShopper is bringing you its Corpo Chic line of clothes.

Clothes that are of high quality, with different designs to choose from and prices that are just right to the pocket.  Clothes were from the catalogs of Boardwalk, Natasha, MSE, Sundance and Milk & Co; already pre-chosen with only the most stylish corpo chic in mind.  Sizes are varied per style so even plus size ladies can choose and buy.

It’s time that you dress to impress, be attractive and start your path to the career world.

To see the full line of clothes available, just click here or navigate from the On Sale pane.

Mar 18, 2011

Boardwalk (Your Fashion, Our Business) Primer Part 1

Boardwalk is a direct selling company of imported and locally made products; made popular by the endorsement of big showbiz stars like Kris Aquino, Derek Ramsey, Assunta de Rossi and Jean Garcia.

Products include intimate wear, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories both for men and women with ages ranging from infant to adult.  Recently they also launched a cologne line made exclusively by Zen Zest.  And of course the BW Loading system that let dealers of Boardwalk sell pre-paid loads of SMART.

The company offers a 25% basic discount for all dealers and a flexible credit line that a dealer can build up to suit his selling need.  A rebate of up to 21% is also given to members who exceeds their selling limit and shares the wonders of being a Boardwalk member.  This is how earning can be increased; by letting a prospective dealer sign-up at Boardwalk with you as sponsor, all future sales of that dealer will be included on the computation of your net sales.  This is called the direct group sales or DGS.

There are 4 levels of membership within Boardwalk with perks exclusive to each membership.

Memberevery dealer starts as a member and is entitled to the basic 25% discount.  However, dealers don’t earn rebates but can recruit another person to become a member under his group.
JMC (Junior Marketing Consultant)a member is promoted to JMC level once he reaches the target of 10,000 net sales in 1 cut-off period.  Cut-off period is from 6th day of the month up to the 5th day of the next month.  Earning of rebates will start on the next cut-off period.

GS (Group Supervisor)a member is promoted to GS level once he reaches the target of 50,000 net sales in 2 succeeding cut-off period.  It is not necessary that a member be a JMC first before becoming a GS.  If in only 1 cut-off month, he was able to reach the 50,000 net sales requirements, then automatically he will be a GS on the following month.  GS enjoys higher rebates of up to 18% depending on their group sales.

GM (Group Manager) – this is the last level of Boardwalk membership.  GM enjoys up to 21% in rebates.  But to become a GM, a member must reach group net sales of 150,000 within 2 succeeding cut-off months.
The quota might be intimidating for first timers, but since Boardwalk offers a flexible type of credit line becoming a JMC is quite easy.  To avail of the credit line, a member will have to provide a cash bond every time he purchases an item at Boardwalk.  Cash bond determines the amount of credit line a member is allowed, and is the amount of Cash bond x 2.  For example:

Item A costs 500pesos
Less 25% = 375
Cash Bond is 187.5 or (375/2)

Cash bond is not a payment, but can be withdrawn anytime to use as payment as long as the dealer is willing to pay all remaining balance less the cash bond amount.
To become a dealer, just bring the following requirements and register to any Boardwalk branch near you.
Cash bond is not a payment
  • 2pcs 1x1 photo
  • Photocopy of 2 valid IDs
  • Proof of billing or residence certificate or barangay clearance
  • Completely filled-up registration form

To register under PinayShopper group, just put the following details on the Sponsor area of Boardwalk Form 1.
Sponsor Name:  Jamie Dela Rosa
Sponsor ID:  IC049992

Watch out for more information regarding Boardwalk dealership as I expound more on the rebates gained by each member and how easy it is to reach your JMC level on Part 2 of Boardwalk Direct Selling Primer.

Happy Selling!

Mar 17, 2011

Prevent Others from Hijacking Your Photo – Sign It!

One downside of posting pictures on the web is that it’s free for all to see and well… copy.  With just a click of the mouse your competitor or worse a scammer can copy the precious photo of your items and claim it for himself.
A sure way of preventing this is by signing your work.  Have big bold letters plastered across the photo so it would be impossible for others to claim your photos.  But do it in a stylish way.  Photoshop it if you can.  But if you don’t have a Photoshop, then drop by

It’s an online “Photoshop” editor that could edit your photo as good as any Photoshop can.  Best thing? You don’t even have to sign-up to use the service.  Just make sure your browser is equipped with the latest Flash software and you’re good to go.
Upload the photo on the site and click the Font icon on the Tools pane.  Write your name, your brand, or even or store’s URL as your signature.  Tweak a bit to your heart’s content.

On the Layers pane, right click your mouse and choose Flatten image.  This will merge your photo with your signature.  To finish, just save your photo and proceed in uploading it on your store.

For those who are adept in Photoshop, you can do many styles and clean your photo on this site.
Signing each photo may be a tedious task, but it would be worth it in the end.  You do not only prevent others from copying the photo, but you also promote your brand and claim the items as truly yours.
Happy Selling!
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