Feb 8, 2011

Bonnibelle, Silicone Nipple Cover – Your Bosom Buddy

In every girls closet there are essentials that transcends the boundary of every fashionista.  Whether she dresses like a rockista, a girl next door, a preppy or a hot babe, there are certain clothing articles that is a must have for everyone.  An example would be your strapless bra.  Every girl should own at least a pair or two of strapless bra.

But even a strapless bra has its limits.  You can't wear it with backless outfits or plunging dresses.  Going au naturale is not for everyone.  That's why I pick this week's feature product to be the Bonnibelle, silicon nipple cover. 

By using a silicon nipple cover, you can go braless and definitely tipless. The product is self-adhesive with no harmful chemicals for your nips.  After usage, just return it to its original packaging for safe keeping and to avoid unnecessary dirt going into to adhesive.  You can wash it and the adhesive retains its effectiveness, after the silicone has dried.

So what are you waiting for? Grab one of this versatile bosom buddy here.

And by the way, did I mention that a pair is only 100pesos?


Chew On This said...

P100.00? and it's not disposable? It probably is a great buy :)

angeLjme said...

and it doubles as a padding, giving my twins extra volume to fill my cup!

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