Apr 15, 2011

PinayShopper Direct Selling Starter Kit

Start a business
If you’ve been meaning to start a part-time business thru direct selling, then you’ve come to the right place.  For just 200pesos, you can start your direct selling business thru the PinayShopper Direct Selling Starter Kit.  These includes (1) Sophie Martin Dealer Kit and (1) Boardwalk Dealer Kit; both with the latest catalog and membership forms that you can fill up and submit to a branch nearest you.

Normally, if you buy the 2 kits separately you’ll have to shell out 400pesos; 200 for the Sophie kit, 100 for the Boardwalk catalog and 100 for shipping fee.  But with the PinayShopper kit, you only need to pay 200pesos and the kit will be shipped to your address FREE of charge.  That’s a total of 200pesos savings to start a direct selling business.

Inside the kit:
(1) Sophie Martin Magenta Bag
(1) Sophie Martin Membership Form
(1) Marketing Plan Handbook
(1) Sophie Door Banner
(1) Sophie Bonus Leaflet
(1) Sophie Membership ID
(1) Latest Sophie Catalog
(1) Latest Boardwalk Catalog
(3) Boardwalk Membership Form
(1) Boardwalk Marketing Leaflet

What’s more?
A personal letter from PinayShopper on how you can jump start your direct selling career and the address, contact person and number of the Sophie Martin and Boardwalk branches near you.

How to buy?
Contact us here thru the comment form or directly send your message to 09209698559.

Take advantage of this little treasure and start your business under the PinayShopper wing.  Don’t forget to sign up for our news letter to know more about growing your direct selling or online business.

Happy Selling!


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