Apr 20, 2011

Natasha, Makes Your Dreams Come True – Primer 1

Photo Courtesy of Natasha.ph
Another direct selling company that has been in the business for more than 15years now is Natasha.  Excellent product and marketing scheme is the key success of Natasha.  Personally, I know of a group manager that has been one of Natasha’s top 10 sellers, with a total of 6 centers all over Cavite and Luzon.

Having a Natasha business center starts by becoming a dealer.  Choose your group wisely.  Having a group manager that really helps their dealer is one key to success in this direct dealership business.  To become a member, simply accomplish the membership form and submit the needed requirements to any Natasha branch or service center near you.

Membership & Discount
A member is entitled to 22% outright discount on all shoes and apparel products of Natasha; while a 27% discount can be made on Natasha beauty products.  There are 2 types of membership in Natasha; the Member and the Fashion Pro.

On every Natasha group there’s a Fashion Pro serving as the group manager, and the members are the down lines. 

To increase your income and start earning rebates, a member must achieve a P10,000 gross group sale in one calendar month.  The rebates will start on the following month.
Gross Direct Group Sales
Percentage of Rebates
5,000 – 9,999
10,000 and up

The P10,000 gross group sales can easily be achieved by recruiting more members on your team.  The number of recruits is unlimited.  And the sales of all your recruits up to the nth level are included on your gross group sale computation provided that the member is not yet earning rebates for themselves.  Once a member achieves the minimum quota, he will receive his own rebates depending on his group’s gross sale; and will no longer be part of your team.

Members with high gross group sales are rewarded even further in Natasha.  By achieving a gross group sale of P60,000 in 2 calendar months, a member is automatically promoted to Fashion Pro 1, where a different set of rebates is being given.  But for more diligent members who share the Natasha value to more people, a level of Fashion Pro 2 is rewarded given that he achieved a gross group sale of P100,000 in 2 calendar months.

The promotions are automatic and don’t have to be in sequence.  If a member has achieved the P100,000 gross group sales in 2 calendar months, even if he’s just a member, will automatically be promoted to Fashion Pro 2.
Gross Group Sales
Fashion Pro 1
Fashion Pro 2
5,000 – 9,999
10,000 – 14,999
15,000 – 19,999
20,000 and up

This totals to roughly a maximum of 37% in discount.

Credit Line
To qualify for a credit line, a member must already have made a net paid up sales of P2,000; and submit proof checking account and proof of billing address.  Credit is payable after 30days and one week, covered by a post-dated check.

A member’s credit line, increases through his total net paid individual sales, and how healthy his credit line is.  This I will talk more on Natasha Primer Part 2.
1 x 1 ID picture (with White background)
Photocopy of government issued ID or company ID
Proof of billing (at least within the last 3 months)

Register under PinayShopper
To become a member of PinayShopper Natasha, simply fill up a form and put the following information on the Sponsor area:

Sponsor Name:  Jamie Dela Rosa
Sponsor ID:  1074725

Happy Selling!


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