Jul 27, 2011

PinayShopper is now a PowerSeller

Yup, that’s right! PinayShopper is now a certified eBay Bronze PowerSeller.  After a year of selling in eBay, I have finally managed to be a PowerSeller.  But what is a PowerSeller, you might ask?

eBay defines PowerSellers as a community of sellers who are committed to upholding and embracing the core values that are the very foundation of eBay.  They are exemplary members who are held to the highest standards of professionalism, having achieved and maintained a 98% positive feedback rating and excellent customer service as reflected by high detailed seller rating scores.

Ever since I took online selling as a serious extra source of income I’ve been looking for ways to increase my sales, build up my credibility and show case my work.  Becoming a PowerSeller had become a goal for me since all those I want can be sum up in this tiny icon.

To my customers
A very big thank you to all repeat and new customers.  There were mishaps, delays and sometimes unavailability of items; and yet all of you were patient with me.  Ensure that I will continue to serve your orders gladly.

To ERIM, Xend & LBC
These are the real partners in growing a business.  You can’t be wrong with support groups such as these.

To FN members & online sellers
Fountain of wisdom.  Backread all posts about online selling and running a small business.  Each and everyone’s experience is an eye opener.

To my suppliers
Never would have made it without the great staff that you have.

To you!
Whether you are a buyer, an experienced seller or a newbie.  Take a leap of faith.  Just make sure you don’t go blinded.  Read all information.  Work hard for your business even if it’s only a extra source of income.
Read eBay.ph primer about PowerSeller and how to be one here.
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