Aug 16, 2011

BDO Cash Card

Providing different means to pay is one convenience that online sellers should consider offering to their clients. Another is ensuring that those payment options don’t add up to the total amount the buyer would pay. However, to date only BPI offers the convenience of having 0 inter-branch fees; the rest are charging a minimum of Php50.00 for every Php10,000.00 deposit. One flow with BPI is that they don’t have the longer banking hours being offered by BDO. So what should you do?
BDO Cash Card
Why not try and open a BDO Cash card. For only Php120.00 you’d be able to offer payment options via BDO to your clients without the hassle of inter-branch bank fees!
Photo from BDO
BDO cash card is a re-loadable prepaid electronic debit card. Without having to open a deposit account, you can enjoy the security and convenience of an ATM account – withdraw money and pay even without cash.

How to open?
Simply visit any BDO branch and apply for a cash card. Don’t forget to bring 2pcs valid government ID’s. Private company ID’s and school ID’s are also acceptable as long as they are not expired.
You’ll be asked to pay the Php120.00 card fee.

Banking Convenience?
Just like your deposit account, you can access your account to view your balance, reload, pay bills and more via mobile and internet banking. Just enroll your cash card at

Transaction Fees?
BDO ATM Balance Inquiry and Withdrawal
Withdrawal at BancNet, ExpressNet and MegaLink ATMs
Withdrawal at MasterCard, Cirrus and VIS Plus ATMs
Balance Inquiry at BancNet, ExpressNet and MegaLink ATMs
Balance Inquiry or Rejected Transactions (insufficient funds, wrong PIN, etc) at MasterCard, Cirrus and VISA Plus ATMs
POS Balance Inquiry and Purchase

Know more about BDO Cash Card here.*

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