Mar 22, 2011

PinayShopper Corpo Chic – Dress to Impress!

Dressing up for an interview? New to the corporate world? Looking to expand your business wardrobe without denting too much holes on your paycheck? Whether it’s the 1st or the last reason, dressing your part does increase your potential in the corporate jungle.  So much so that studies have been made pointing to a realization that attractive people may earn more that their lousy counterpart.

But owning a 3-piece suit or even a simple polo might prove too costly for some.  Buying from tiangge is always an option but might be too embarrassing once you happen to ride the bus or jeep and see somebody wearing exactly the same clothes that you’re wearing.  That’s why PinayShopper is bringing you its Corpo Chic line of clothes.

Clothes that are of high quality, with different designs to choose from and prices that are just right to the pocket.  Clothes were from the catalogs of Boardwalk, Natasha, MSE, Sundance and Milk & Co; already pre-chosen with only the most stylish corpo chic in mind.  Sizes are varied per style so even plus size ladies can choose and buy.

It’s time that you dress to impress, be attractive and start your path to the career world.

To see the full line of clothes available, just click here or navigate from the On Sale pane.


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