Aug 18, 2011

Uniload by PinayShopper

I’m always on the lookout for ways to earn extra money to augment the growing needs of my family and to help others as well.  I always knew that selling cell phone loads is a small business with big impact—although I never knew just how BIG that is until I decided to join the bandwagon.
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After weeks of debate and research, I finally decided to go and be a Uniload dealer.  Not for the networking purpose of this company, but for the simple reason that I can register unlimited number of retailers under my belt.  You heard me right.  U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D!!!

  • Register as many as I like!
  • Register as many as I can!
  • From the start... until the end!

I don’t have to pay or buy anything every time I have a potential retailer that wants to earn extra by selling loads.

And as long as those retailers are selling loads to their friends, colleagues, or just at home, I will earn a little commission from their sales.

Let’s do the math and see how ‘little’ that commission is.  For example, I have 10 retailers who actively sell Php150.00 worth of load wallet daily.  I’m getting just a conservative 2% sales over-ride (commission) from those sales.

That would be:
(Php150 x 10) x 2% = Php30 daily

I won’t tell you the exact figures I’m getting right now.  But you can get the picture from above.  The retailers are actually earning more than that since they can get as much as 23% discounts on load sales.  And since cell phone loads have expiry dates or simply consumable, you will start to get loyal customers who will buy from you at least 3x a week.
Uniload by PinayShopper

Do you want to be a Uniload dealer like me? Register with PinayShopper. The Php3988.00 investment that you’ll get will be worth it.


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