Feb 1, 2011

What to sell?

For an aspiring online seller, 'What to sell?' is the very first question that comes in mind.  So what are the popular items to sell?

Clothes - whether its baby clothes, Korean fashion, Bangkok shirts, plus size fashion and everything in between, clothes is always been on top of the online items that you can sell.

Shoes - selling shoes is a bit trickier than that of clothes.  There are a number of size standards being followed everywhere, and sad to say, Philippines doesn't even have its own.  It would all depend to where your stocks come from.  Having a sizing guide would come real handy if you're planning on selling shoes online.

Bags, Wallets & PurseLiz Clairborne, Longchamp, Juicy Couture, Coach, Nine West, etc… Those are just some of the authentic bags that are selling like hot potatoes on the net today.  If you have a designer bag on your closet that never got around to using, then sell them online.  Best put on an auction site and see how much money (and fun) you’ll get disposing the item.

Electronic Gadgets - mostly guys are selling this stuff.  You won't see a guy selling out mini-dress, but you'll always see a guy selling iPod mini.

Perfumes - whether they are original or imitation, the key in selling perfumes is honesty.  Don't ever try to say that you're selling original if you know that they are not. 

Books I’m not a book seller, but I do love to buy books online.  You’ll always find someone, somewhere selling the book that you’re looking for.  Although, selling books may not be my cup of tea, I know several online sellers who found success in this niche.

Service or Skill now, you might wonder what I’m talking about here.  Don’t get the wrong conclusions.  I’m talking about your skill with a DSLR camera, Photoshop or XML.  Due to the number of online sellers, competition is steep.  Photo’s of the items must be near perfect and the site easy to navigate.  Hence, successful online sellers turn to free lance photographers and web designers to give their sites a make-over.  If you’re a student or an enthusiast with skills on this field, then go ahead and sell your service online.

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