Jan 28, 2011

My First Foray In Online Selling

It is always my dream to have a small boutique.  A store that would show case the clothes that I hand picked and thought would be perfect for anyone to wear.  However, having an 8 - 5 job made that dream a bit difficult to accomplished, but not impossible.
Photo by:  clipartof.com

So, two years ago, I started buying clothes from Divisoria 168 mall and selling them to my office mates and neighbor.  The business was profitable but easily I saw that doing this would require having loads of clothes to offer my friends.  Clothes of different styles, in different colors and in different sizes.  The tight budget that I have would not permit for such a huge inventory, not to mention the big capital needed.  And so, I decided to stop.

After having my second kid and a change in job, the dream never left me.  And so, I decided to sell online.  I saw many people doing it.  They posted pictures of beautiful clothes online and someone actually buys them.  Picking a place to sell was simple.  Readily I picked Ebay.ph thinking that it's the equivalent of malls where people frequent with the intention to buy.

I took pictures of stuffs that I own but never got around using, then listed them on Ebay.  After waiting patiently, it had paid off.  I had my first customer.  I wrapped the item, and shipped it as soon as I got the payment.

I was ecstatic.  Selling online is like a waiting game.  But it's ok since I still have my day job to do.  Posting pictures was easy.  The problem?  I need to think of more items that I can sell.  The ideas of what to sell came right to me.  But that's another story.

To cut it all short.  PinayShopper was born right after the first sale.  For me, you're not yet an online seller until after somebody bought your item, pay for it and you ship.

 Photo by:  FreeAuctionDesigns.com

Happy selling!


Chew On This said...

I'm also thinking of starting my online clothing biz soon :) bought a mannequin from ebay recently heheh! good luck to us. I'm kind of excited na rin. But I haven't started shopping for goods to sell yet. Can't wait.

angeLjme said...

sis, glad to hear that you'll join the online selling community too. Check out my post about 'What to Sell' to help you decide. Click the Wholesaler label to see our list of online sellers offering their items at wholesale price! Happy selling!

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