Feb 9, 2013

Ways to Pay for Your eBay Seller Fees

For eBay sellers who availed the eBay store feature, paying your seller fee dues is a no brainer already.  However, those new into the business will find themselves lost once due date comes in.

Every month eBay sends invoice for your last month’s transaction bills.  If you avail the very basic eBay store which costs 150pesos a month, you will see it billed the next month.  But don’t fret, eBay requires immediate payment only for invoices 300pesos and up.  Meaning you can use the store feature for 2 months before you’re required to pay.

Not paying past due invoices will automatically put your account on hold preventing you from listing new items, including those in automatic listing.

Ways you can pay

Credit Card
  • Automatic credit card payments - Each month eBay will charge the credit card that you placed on file.  This is safe and very convenient.  Credit card must bear the Master Card or Visa logo.
  • One-time credit card payment - Pay your seller fees manually using credit card.  Usually takes 24 to 48 hours for eBay to confirm acceptance of payment.

  • One-time payment thru BDO bank deposit - Print a payment voucher from your eBay account and deposit the payment at BDO.  Great for those without credit cards.  See the detailed instruction on my next post.

eBay Voucher
Sorry guys but PayPal payment of fees is not offered for eBay.ph sellers.  Yes, I’m also disappointed with this.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


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