Feb 16, 2013

My First PayPal Payment -- Account is Limited!

Getting an email from PayPal saying that your account was set to limited after just verifying it is quite daunting.

This mostly happens when you’ve just received your very first payment for an item sold or a service rendered.  However, this shouldn’t cause you any alarm.  First of all, ensure that there hasn’t been any unauthorized activity on your account.  Secondly, make sure that the payment you received is from your customer.

Once you’ve satisfied the above criteria, proceed with shipping the merchandize to your customer as normal.  Follow these simple steps to ensure that PayPal would lift the limit on your account and protect you as a seller as well.
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  1. Log-in to your PayPal account.
  2. Right beside the payment you received, click the Details link.
  3. At the end of the page, click Edit Tracking Info.
  4. Change the Order Status to Shipped.
  5. Write the tracking number provided by the courier you’ve used.
  6. On the Shipping Company choose Other.
  7. A new box will appear.  Write here the official website of the courier that you’ve used.
  8. Click Save
After just a few minutes, PayPal would lift the limit on your account.  However, the payment you received will remain on hold.  You can’t do anything about this but wait for the standard 21days to pass for PayPal to transfer the money to your Available Fund, granted that buyer won’t raise a dispute.

Succeeding payments from any other customer would no longer be placed on your Pending Fund, but would go direct to your Available Fund even if the 21days hasn’t passed yet.

Remember to keep a copy of the waybill even if in electronic form for a minimum of 60days.  This is the time frame when customer can raise a dispute and reverse the payment.  Always update the shipping information of all your subsequent transactions to enjoy the convenience brought by PayPal.

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