Feb 5, 2013

Pancake with Jellyfish Jelly

Pink Jellyfish Jelly
The kids and I love pancakes. And they surely can’t get tired of watching SpongeBob.

One episode of SpongeBob gave me an idea to give a twist to our regular pancakes. The episode is
name Jellyfish Hunter. You can watch it here.

In it SpongeBob collects Jellyfish Jelly in a jar and spreads it to his patty. He gave a sample to a customer
and it tastes so good that the customer broke into a song. To cut it short, the jelly was such a hit that
Mr. Krabs decided to offer it as a regular at the Krusty Krabs.

Jellyfish Jelly looks like any jam and is either pink or blue, depending on the color of the jellyfish that made it. Remembering that we bought several jars of strawberry jam from our trip in Baguio, I decided to sample how it would taste with the pancake. And sure enough, it’s a hit. I then introduced the combination to the kids telling them that its pancakes with Jellyfish Jelly.

Pancake with Jellyfish Jelly
Dean enjoying his jelly pancake


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