Feb 11, 2013

This Year's Goal, My New Year Resolution for 2013

OK, it's late to be doing this post for a New Year's Resolution. Let's all pretend that I'm Chinese and had just celebrated the Spring Festival and ushered in the year of the Water Snake.

Putting a resolution is good, but sticking to it is the problem.  Most of us can sustain the changes for up to the quarter of the year then lapse little by little until we revert to previous vices or workings.

To sustain the resolution, I've made a lists of goals instead. Only 6 for this year and they're actually a continuation of lasts years changes. Here they are written to the easiest to the most difficult. I hope to stick to them and check by the end of 2013 if I made anything or everything came true.

My List
  1. Double last year's investment.  I've put this as the easiest since I'm most determined to make this come true.
  2. Post regularly.  I put here regularly instead of daily or weekly.  But I'm sure that there won't be a month without a post.
  3. Courtesy of www.blogote.com
  4. Create an emergency fund.  I've started my investment in no particular order.  I just jumped into it even though I know that creating a 3 to 6 months worth of expense for emergency fund is a prerequisite.  This year I'll create that fund and not touch it.
  5. Drink at least 5 glasses of pure water daily.  You may find this weird, but there.  I'm not fond of drinking water.  It has to have color on it; taste on it; and I'm lucky enough, fizz on it.
  6. Complete my cross-stitch project.  I've been doing this project for more than 5years now.  I know, that's a long time to be doing a cross-stitch, but I have my excuses lined up including a wedding and two pregnancies.  I'm allowed! My project should like a little like the photo below once completed.  Sorry, I don't have the actual picture with me.
  7. Happy Lovers - courtesy of www.free-cross-stitch-pattern.com
  8. Start a physical business.  This would be the most difficult of all.  There's a lot of planning to be made and capital to start a business.  I hope that this year would be the year to have that physical store.


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