Jan 13, 2013

eBay Online Store

Ever since I got my PowerSeller badge from eBay, I had started to take online selling seriously.  And by saying seriously, I meant renting a store from eBay and paying for it monthly.

Renting a physical store is nothing compared to renting a store at eBay.  With only a few clicks you'll be able to set-up you're own store and have your merchandise arranged by category.  This makes browsing for customers a lot easier, plus they would be able to see your other item under the same category.  A plus for the eye marketing scheme.

There's no set-up payment.  I got the very basic store where I can have as much as 30 main categories and up to 3rd level category under it.  This basic store costs me only 150pesos a month.  And hey! I get to pay that 150pesos after 30days when I created the store.  Cool huh!

PinayShopper eBay store

I had labored day and night to transfer my normal listings to this store.  This is where labor comes in.  I had decided that since almost all my items are on pre-order basis and lasts up to 2months, then better that I list it as virtually forever (until I cancel them).

Another good side of renting an eBay store is that you can create sales.  If you're an avid eBay buyer you'll have noticed that small ball on the right hand corner of the listing photo telling you that the item is currently on sale, or discounted for.  Great in catching those bargain hunters.

On Sale Items

Take a look at my PinayShopper eBay store and start thinking about getting yours too.


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